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Free Staff Furlough Toolkit

This staff furlough toolkit guides you through the process of placing a staff member on furlough leave and making a claim under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. 

The toolkit includes a how-to guide as well as 6 various forms of furlough leave letter to suit your requirements, including:

  • A furlough leave agreement letter to place a staff member on furlough for the first time;
  • Furlough leave agreement letters for staff who have been made redundant or are on family leave;
  • A letter confirming your staff member’s acceptance of furlough leave;
  • A letter confirming a staff member’s return to work; and
  • An agreement letter to rotate a staff member back onto furlough leave.

By using the how-to guide and documents included in this toolkit, you will ensure that your busienss complies with its legal obligations as well as the requirements of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

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