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Free Director Furlough Toolkit

This director furlough toolkit guides you through how to place a company director on furlough leave under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Directors that are paid a salary and paid through PAYE are eligible, including directors of their own personal service companies.

The toolkit contains a how-to guide as well as all of the documents you are likely to need to make a claim for a director’s furlough leave, including:

  • Board minutes approving furlough of a director;
  • Shareholder resolution;
  • Furlough leave agreement for a director; and
  • Furlough leave confirmation letter.

The how-to guide and documents included in this toolkit will help you to check whether a director is eligible for the scheme, pass appropriate resolutions, notify the director of what their arrangements for furlough leave are, and submit a claim through HMRC’s online portal.

This toolkit will help to ensure that you comply with the furlough scheme correctly which minimises the risk of future disputes or issues with your claim. The documents in this toolkit will also ensure that you get the appropriate authorisations to place a director on furlough, as well as clearly explaining to the director what furlough means for them.

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