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Free COVID-19 Financial Support Eligibility checker

This COVID-19 financial support eligibility checker will help you to navigate the various different types of financial assistance that are available for SMEs. Answer the questions to get a tailored report on which types of support your business is likely to be eligible for.

Your COVID-19 financial support report explains which government measures are likely to apply to you, and gives details of when and how you can access them. It includes everything from the large scale business loan schemes that the UK government is backing, through the job retention scheme that could help you avoid redundancies, all the way to one-off grants available to some small businesses to help keep the lights on.

It will help you plan your next steps at this incredibly difficult time, and be confident that you are making any hard decisions with knowledge the full range of options open to you.

The eligibility checker is suitable for all SMEs, whether you run your business through a company or are a self-employed sole trader looking for financial relief.

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